Mark Johnson


Most of my current work is composed of separate parts thrown on the potter’s wheel. The parts are often altered before they are assembled into the final pottery form. The work is created from white stoneware that is fired to cone 10 in the soda kiln.

The relationship between the forces of control and chance is a very important issue in the soda firing. The surface of the clay body is receptive to the soda vapor and it flashes a range of subtle warm colors. I also selectively apply glazes to the surface that are transformed in color and texture by the soda kiln atmosphere. Each piece has a unique surface that reflects its position in the kiln and its exposure to the changes in kiln atmosphere.

My pottery forms including vases, jars, bowls, baskets and pouring vessels are glazed with the intention that the surfaces will interact with the kiln atmosphere to create a synthesis of material, form, and process.